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Sydney Arbour
This graceful garden arbour stands nearly 2.4 metres tall and incorporates several woodworking techniques. The beams are connected to the posts with mortise and tenon joinery. And the lattice side panels use basic half-lap joints.

Step stool
This sturdy weekend project is constructed with through mortise and tenon joinery. Plus a handy pull-out step features a hidden stop system that prevents it from being pulled out too far.

Low-speed grinder
Our unique workshop-made grinder allows you to convert your table saw into a sharpening station. And it's designed with an adjustable tool holder that makes grinding chisels and plane irons a snap.

Flip-top tool stand
This easy to build project is a great space saver. The top on this stand spins allowing you to mount two tools on top of each other. And when you're done, it rolls out of the way.

Hollow grinding chisels and planes
Polyurethane glue
Through mortises