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Heavy-duty Veneer Press
Applying veneer is always a challenge. The key to success is spreading clamping pressure evenly across the assembly while the glue dries. This press is the solution for doing it right.

Classic Chessboard
As fun as it is to build, this great-looking chessboard is sure to be a hit on game night. The board is made with contrasting veneers and the box-jointed case provides storage for chess pieces or draughts.

Gentleman's Dresser
This handsome cabinet has several Craftsman-style details, from the hardware and decorative grids to the solid quartersawn oak construction.

Turned Chess Pieces
Complete your chessboard with theses beautiful hand-crafted pieces.

Edging Plywood Organising with Foam
Reinforcing Rebates Magnifiers
Random Orbit Sander
Box Pins
The Woodcarver's Knife