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Bedroom Suite Dresser
With an assortment of different drawer sizes, this dresser offers the perfect solution to your clothes storage needs.

Heirloom Tool chest
This attractive tool chest is sure to become the focal point of your workshop. It's just the right size to store an assortment of your most-often used tools.

Leaf Motif Platter
Create this decorative platter using leaf stencils, an airbrush and some autumn-toned acrylic paint.

Snowflake Trivets
These interlocking and overlapping puzzles can be made on a table saw with either dado blades or a spacer and a standard cross-cut blade.

Sand-Flee Portable Drills
Flawless Veneer 7 Forgotten Hand Tools
Sandpaper Sharpening Epoxy Surface
Mitre Clamps Using Edge Grain
Signmakers Kit