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No-mitre Picture Frames
Using one basic design, you can create a variety of attractive picture frames. Best of all, you won't have to cut a single mitre to make them.

Space-saving Wall Desk
Mounted directly to a wall, this space-saving desk offers a convenient place for jotting down a quick note or using a laptop computer.

Revolving Bookcase
The interesting feature of this bookcase is one you may not notice right off the bat. The core rotates to allow easy access to all four sides.

Finger Joint Jig
Variably spaced and sized finger joints are a snap with this simple router jig.

Oyster Boxes
Make these beautiful oyster boxes using your scroll chuck.

Fruitwoods Biscuit Joiner
Mitre Boxes Removing Heat Rings from Furniture
Masonite Plane Facts
Pocket Screws Cyclone Dust Collectors
Saw Blade Sharpening